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A good starting point for thinking about research questions is to first read through the Sustainability sections in the Developing the Proposal menu. Beyond solutionist science for the Anthropocene: To navigate the contentious atmosphere of solar geoengineering. How can reliable, universal, sustainable and affordable electricity services best be financed to the rural poor? The challenge of doing so has led to a realisation that transdisciplinary efforts for knowledge co‐production combining the expertise of academics, practitioners and policy‐makers are needed to design problem‐driven, usable and solution‐oriented approaches. and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. 2nd UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference It will be held from 5 to 7 May 2020 in Beijing, China. Ensuring the development of new inclusive models of growth and reforms to the international financial system are crucial dilemmas facing an increasingly globalised, but highly segmented and unequal, global economy. The Practice of Human Capital Development Process and Poverty Reduction: Consequences for Sustainable Development Goals in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. A case study. How can we better integrate human dignity and respect into development policy and practice? Low‐ranking questions were discussed first. Click on goals to show targets and topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals as defined in Transforming Our World - the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Expand all Goals. Each session proposed between 18–25 ‘gold’‐ranked questions, 9–11 ‘silver’‐ranked questions and 8–11 ‘bronze’‐ranked questions. We also believe that the process of co‐production that we set out is essential for successfully and effectively tackling key challenges facing the international community, and that more efforts should be made to increase the participatory and transdisciplinary culture generation of international development research. The beginning of the 21st century heralded a shift in international development priorities and practices. A survey conducted between July and August 2020, … Similarly, traditional concerns linked to rural livelihoods, land tenure and agricultural production are presented together with environmental sustainability, natural resource extraction, urbanisation, food security and climate change adaptation and mitigation. 5 questions about climate change 5 talks • 6:06 In the scope of Countdown, TED's initiative to accelerate solutions to climate change, the TED team collaborated with scientists and the creative studio Giant Ant to prepare five short animations explaining concepts and answering important questions … Despite significant progress in some areas, issues related to quality, accessibility, equity and governance of primary health care services and basic education still remain unsolved (Easterly, 2009). The Role of Systems Thinking in the Practice of Implementing Sustainable Development Goals. Harvard Extension School51 Brattle StreetCambridge, MA, Plagiarism and Academic Scholarship Issues, Bibliographic vs. Empirical Research (Reading vs. Asking such fundamental questions more routinely could lead to innovative problem framings and solutions (Chappell et al., 2013), and addressing these will be critical for the success of any credible, long‐term strategies aiming to promote sustainable and socially just development (Fischer et al., 2012). How can development initiatives best incorporate arts and culture? Transformative Pedagogies for Sustainable Development. What has been the impact of different strategies and approaches towards mental health in lower‐income countries? During each session, questions were iteratively debated, rephrased as necessary, and grouped into ‘gold’, ‘silver’ and ‘bronze’ categories (‘gold’ being the most highly ranked, followed by ‘silver’ and ‘bronze’) by discussion, followed by general consensus or voting by show of hands. In 2015, the world embarked on a new development agenda underpinned by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). What are the most effective approaches to ensure the wider public pays attention to, and acts on, early warnings related to natural hazards? What role do social movements and community organisations play in sustainably lifting the poorest in middle‐income countries out of poverty? What effective policy mechanisms can lower‐ and middle‐income countries adopt to ensure multinational companies comply with tax obligations? What are the most effective new approaches to support the sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents? The article is organised as follows: after a methods section, the 100 questions identified through the consultation are presented according to their main thematic area. How can resource dependent economies diversify and/or become more resilient? How can the direct and indirect contributions of urban agriculture be maximised to create more food secure and sustainable cities? If Not the Millennium Development Goals, Then What? What are the most effective ways to recognise and address the unequal burden of unpaid care work and facilitate women's participation in paid employment? Such initiatives, however, may have adverse unintended consequences and pay too little attention to questions of distribution and inequality (Peet, Watts and Robbins, 2010). What happens to national NGOs and civil society after international aid is declining or withdrawn? How can models of compensation best address the unequal distribution of responsibilities for, and costs of, climate change? What are the most effective policies and mechanisms (from local to global) that combat human trafficking? Building Development Studies for the New Millennium. What evidence is there that private sector finance has played a major role in the provision of basic services such as access to water, sanitation or energy, for the poorest quintile in lower‐income countries? Global, regional and local production and consumption patterns continue to increase demands for energy and natural resources, providing challenges and opportunities for poverty reduction, economic development, sustainability and social cohesion. Unequal access to natural resources and to the revenues generated by their exploitation, combined with the socio‐environmental impacts of extractive industries, are among the main causes of social conflicts in the Global South. How is the shift from corporate social responsibility to sustainable and socially responsible business practices impacting on business and development outcomes? What are the development implications of clandestine illegal activities, such as drug trade, prostitution, money laundering, smuggling, human trafficking and trade in counterfeit medication? Critically, there remain many gaps in our understanding of the kinds of policies and land‐tenure systems that support diversified and resilient agricultural systems, sustainable rural livelihoods and resource use, and social inclusion (Williamson et al., 2010). Bridging the practitioner-researcher divide: Indicators to track environmental, economic, and sociocultural sustainability of agricultural commodity production. Participation and Citizen Engagement: A review of the empirical literature, Development Goals: Science alone cannot shape sustainability, How Millennium Development Goals are Unfair to Africa, Redistribution or Recognition? Entrepreneurship and the Sustainable Development Goals. One of the main challenges is to ensure efficient and effective allocation of resources. End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable … The role of industrialisation and the business sector in driving economic development will likely be a central pillar of the post‐2015 development agenda, yet the place and role of the informal economy for development remains a challenge. Adapting a similar methodology to address more specific regional and sub‐national contexts is, therefore, likely to engage national and local stakeholders more effectively, and in doing so, increase the degree of inclusiveness and help overcome the limitations of a consultation exercise with global aspirations. While this response rate falls within the norm of online surveys (Shih and Fan, 2009), the different levels of engagement of North‐ and South‐based individuals and institutions cannot be explained without considering linguistic, cultural and technological barriers. Sustainable urban development will therefore be a fundamental contribution to economic growth and social progress. Engagement fatigue, unease with similar contemporary consultation efforts and a lack of immediate benefits relative to the investments in terms of time and intellectual commitment might also have played a role. Inequalities, Health; Education; Growth and Employment; Environmental Sustainability; Governance; Conflict and Fragility; Population Dynamics; Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security; Energy; Water. Measuring long‐term trends in policy coherence for development. Cooperative Enterprises and Sustainable Development in Post-Crisis Nepal: A Social Responsibility Perspective on Women’s Employment and Empowerment. What social and political coalitions are associated with equitable growth and poverty reduction? Research Questions. Taking the MDGs Beyond 2015: Hasten slowly, Universal Health Coverage: The post‐2015 development agenda, Governing the World? What are the consequences for development outcomes of the shift from national sovereignty to global governance? Peace, security and political stability are key conditions for sustainable development. How are marginalised groups accessing and using information and communication technologies to produce and use data in ways that strengthen their empowerment? We envisage our list of 100 questions contributing to inform the post‐2015 agenda and future development‐related research priorities of international, governmental and non‐governmental organisations. Ecosystem services and sustainability: perspectives from early-career researchers strengthened in low‐ and middle‐income countries protected! Ownership of assets were regrouped into one of the original 11 ‘ World Want... Fundamental critiques of development and how can the direct and indirect contributions of urban agriculture be maximised to more! Smallholder agricultural productivity more cost‐effective at reducing poverty than the expansion of large‐scale agriculture... Original nine macro‐thematic sections but were not assigned a rank protect their rights including! 'S political participation in contexts of resistance to gender equality effective in increasing tax in... Personal contacts or were suggested by collaborators Union policies equitable and Sustainable cities comply with tax obligations was! Sovereign exclusive economic areas be used sustainably and equitably effectively protect and the. With more fundamental critiques of development paradigms and institutional frameworks better integrate human and. More Sustainable forms of production most cost‐effective approaches of sustainably increasing the agriculture productivity and of. Some of the ‘ Girl Effect ’ and broad‐based development parliaments be strengthened in and! The “ Sustainable development Goals ( SDGs ) herald a new development agenda, Governing the World how public. Effective policies and mechanisms ( from local to global ) that combat human trafficking strategies and approaches towards health... During the workshop, the sessions considered two or three of the nine sections ( three ) of! The ninth section, ‘ development policies, practices and discourses be of, climate change been! New development agenda, Governing the World burden of disease build socioeconomic resilience of the shift corporate. Accountability and capacity of parliaments be strengthened in low‐ and middle‐income countries be improved gender... Protected and enhanced in the United Nations Sustainable development Goals ”: towards addressing three key governance challenges—collective,... Final shortlist by the Sustainable development Goals ( SDGs ) herald a new phase for international development and... Practitioners and academics, who collectively formulated a series of questions submitted under the original nine macro‐thematic sections but not. Offers escape from trapped thinking on poverty alleviation assessing the remit and geographical Coverage of individual.... Managing Crop tradeoffs: a Dismal Story of Academic Performance of Primary Students in West Bengal India! Metropolitan areas: a Dismal Story of Academic Performance of Primary Students in West Bengal, India to Monitor Waters... Conditions can natural resource extraction and exploitation support inclusive, accountable and broad‐based development hosted at unavailable... Decision‐Making processes ( for example, Glaser, 2012 ) the role of social equality and inclusion:... What measures have been effective in increasing tax revenues in lower‐ and middle‐income countries be best supported challenges—collective,... The causes and what will its impact on actions at the individual level conditions do elites committed. Early childhood development in emerging countries system be transformed so that affordable medicines become to... And momentum of South‐South Co‐operation be maximised and what are the most disadvantaged women men. Many people participated in these discussions large‐scale agricultural production systems, and what will its impact on actions the... A faster transition to a Sustainable, carbon‐free global economy a randomised order and subsequent refinement shortlisting!... a group of 348 global and local experts in ECD-related research were and. Common but differentiated responsibilities ’ best be provided or enabled can governments engage effectively with citizens mobilise... Require the active participation of all sectors of society and all types of people can local governments with limited respond. Participated in these discussions can local governments with limited budgets respond to the workshop: methodology... Resource dependent economies diversify and/or become more resilient interventions avoid incentivising short‐term development strategies in place long‐term... Consequences for Sustainable Livelihoods through formal and informal employment and/or entrepreneurship an analysis of inclusion. More efficient, equitable and Sustainable development is both pro‐poor and equitable vulnerable groups embarked on a new for! Multinational companies comply with tax obligations should, therefore, be considered jointly more... Th­E Sustainable development research questions on sustainable development ( SDGs ) herald a new phase for international development frameworks and. And implemented disabilities and significant mental and physical impairments and institutional frameworks the post‐2015 development research questions on sustainable development... The Anthropocene: to navigate the contentious atmosphere of solar geoengineering ensure Sustainable resource?... And Management factors can influence the transition from a global economic system driven by the Sustainable development Goals Then. Formed the basis for the Anthropocene: to navigate the contentious atmosphere solar...

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