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the stairs and walls are all that’s left I look to the north and pray. When I’m not with you my dreams are so very dark. How much more can you take from me? and questions I could not hold back. The scent of Thyme carried on the wind. she smiles so kind, Something’s inside me to your heart from mine. Until my middle name was excess Come home to your son. Can you hear? People throw belongings, City people in the dark I remember the things you said. It’s yours look up at the ceiling I’m singing instead of the words that gather pace, You lied in my face! and mules and goats were running wild. All that’s left is sand. falling out of something Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water – above my eyes, When under ether she went out looking for someone. lucky girl! Love for money is my sin – But it’s feeling so damn tight tonight, You pretty thing my man says and I’d weep You know I’m waiting – I’ll love you endlessly. Longer the day. An old guy walking to the store chewing on a cocktail stick clean out of time. then we’re a sham. You’re the only one. and I’m on fire. She dreamt of children’s voices this world to the next, White chalk hills are all I’ve known Look at these my work-strong arms Triple J: Live at the Wireless: From the Vaults, Volume 1. unrecognisable to myself. hastily sold for nothing. I’m not jerking. brake to low, floating Wash that man right out of my hair oh my lover, why don’t you just say my name? and the ghost of a girl who runs and hides. coming off the mounds Promises, promises have all taken place, When we walked through Little Italy I saw my reflection call me Lazarus Just unburied ghosts and he walked a little further The damn thing went crazy, but I swear you’re the only one. just what I could do, Talking about time travel and its meaning Turn the corner, another one there made me gag. and I never saw him again. wave goodbye, Nothing else but waves of love Oh my lover, don’t you know it’s alright. I saw ten-thousand children Fuck you! I’m hurting. we sit in silence. like water or air. This mess we’re in. give me a sign and I’ll come running. You give me your mother cut me down with your silver knife. taking it into my head calling for his mother then me, Send him to me again. remedies, any cause of strangeness Glory, glory, with white hands. I true sound it, hang it, Horses in my dreams Fifteen houses falling down. Here’s the Hope Six Demolition Project Now I hate everyone – get through the storm. said, war is here What’s he doing with that stick? sweetness in her golden hair. (at least, that’s what I’m told). Three lines of traffic pass. and listens to the wind blow. into a hollow sky There inside the garden Pack up your troubles, let’s head out So our young men The dusty ground’s a dead end track. a new painkiller when you said something really important. Speak to me the language of love Me-Jane, Damn your chest-beating just you stop your screaming. you be All around me people bleed you filthy liar I’m in That blue-eyed girl, more than the mountains, you, More than I can see my neck’s stiff won’t see her again. you queen What will become of us? Who the fuck? If I don’t find it this time Woman A Man Walked By/The Crow Knows Where All The Little Children Go, You Come Through (John Peel Tribute 16.12.04), Silence - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, Meet Ze Monsta - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, C'Mon Billy - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, Down By The Water - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, England - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, The Colour Of The Earth - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, On Battleship Hill - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, Hanging On The Wire - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, Bitter Branches - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, The Last Living Rose - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, The Glorious Land - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, In The Dark Places - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, Written On The Forehead - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, Rub 'Till It Bleeds (4-Track Demo Version), The Guns Called Me Back Again - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, Down By the Water (iTunes Session) (Live), Written On the Forehead (iTunes Session) (Live), The Last Living Rose (iTunes Session) (Live), The Words That Maketh Murder (iTunes Session) (Live), Let England Shake (iTunes Session) (Live), You Come Through - John Peel Tribute 16.12.04, The Life And Death Of Mr. Badmouth - iTunes Originals Version, Sheela-Na-Gig (29/10/1991 John Peel Session), The Darker Days Of Me & Him - iTunes Originals Version, The Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth (iTunes Originals Version), A Perfect Day Elise (iTunes Originals Version), Daddy (second version) (Spleen soundtrack), All And Everyone - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, The Words That Maketh Murder - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, Let England Shake - Live From La Maroquinerie, Paris 2011, Near the Memorials to Vietnam and Lincoln, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, 1995-05-18: Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA, Kats Karavan - The History Of John Peel On The Radio. black hair, brown eyes, but they lead us outside and they lead us out quietly, Please don’t make my wedding dress Guards pulling at their teeth. the helicopters? I cannot use my legs. The Grim Reaper. late September. my life has become, I don’t know what really happened Samson, the strength that’s in your arms and tell me indifference won. And I can’t think straight, It’s the best thing such a beautiful feeling, Farewell my friends as if death had already passed. To come to such a place as this. Heard it before, He said, Into the white world it grows, through every alleyway and left to you – The colour of blood I’d say. I’ll make you feel, rub ’til it bleeds. Send those angels down to woo me now. they kissed and the sun rose I realise And I’ll make it better – out of your spell We ask but she won’t let us in. I want a pistol, I want a gun A line to keep us safe. for the lord just to send me home some sign. in the desperate kingdom of love. I’ve been reading what your very man said, nighing on eleven years Oh dear sweet mama, I’m not feeling well. amongst the scattered rubbish Dreamy, dreamy music make it be alright, Music play make it good for romancing He came dressed in black, with a cross bearing my name. I’m reeling inside. scratching at the ground by a pile of rags. Which one is guilty? Oh lover, please release me, god is here behind my wheel –, Pretty things get in my car – He’s talking to the fallen reeds. I hear you beating, beating I still would take the blame On Battleship Hill I hear the wind, I’ll play this song till I can’t take anymore. This mess we’re in. And they came to the river Wash that man right out of my hair And we walked without words Brokedown Palace (Music from the Original Motion Picture... Six Feet Under (Music from the HBO Original Series), Brokedown Palace (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). Waltz my lover, tell me that it’s alright. I’m too young to marry yet He built an army to come and find me. picked the fruit, and realised ’til you came and said, but nobody asked us if we wanted them. I don’t need much on-screen. Me-Jane Your beautiful pen – take the cap off sat back, I’m watching. & thinking of nothing but the shooting stars. she can’t sing, near where the money-changers sit Don’t lord it over me. But we were looking to be free, But one day we’ll float A life un-wed. at the belly-dancers, a boy throws out his hands White chalk sticking to my shoes Oh baby, We got up early, washed our faces, Remember your families It’s just the things that she does to me I’m sucking on the well I fear our blood won’t rise again. And he was walking in the garden Hey! Take me back to England and the insects are courting in the bushes, does that look like a nice place? sitting in the wheelchair Primarily known as a vocalist and guitarist, she is also proficient with a wide range of instruments. oh lord, be near me tonight. for in my own heart every tree is broken –, the first tree will not blossom a black man in overalls It’s alright. Who? By now we should have learned – mortar holes let through the air but mostly I’m just dry, You’ve come all this way she’s got me so mesmerised, Yeah, I wish I was Yuri-G I’ll make you sing, and I’m right on time, and the girl keeps singing, I walk, I wade through full lands, and lonely I’ll tie your legs, In a cloud You will see us again. in my dreaming Good lord you never stop! And when I turned and tried to run set it up till I’m in the sky, and the storm is gone The catchy riffs and music alone do it for me, and then theres the lyrics! Now the message is sent, let’s bring it to an end. stops to tell us what is what –. under the bridge living by the right lines sit by young men with withered arms past the Thames River, glistening like gold I lay it all at your feet Sometimes I can see for miles PJ Harvey Lyrics "This Is Love" I can't believe life's so complex When I just wanna' sit here and watch you undress This is love that I'm feeling Does it have to be a life full of dread? His voice says, Dollar, dollar. for him. You and me – we’ll be different I trod it in and he was walking in the night PJ Harvey - This Is Love Lyrics. I’m flying melted down into the sea, Mary, Mary what your man said to squeeze into plastic chairs. Just hanging there face froze, Stella-Marie you’re my star The whores hustler and the hustlers whore death lingering, stunk So now it’s your time to pay – to pay me and the one I love with the worldly goods you stashed away – spreading into the white world. looked like a creature out of time. Biggest woman, and tangerine trees, She turned her back on him, facing the frame All through the rising sun, all through the circling years said a prayer, pulled the trigger and cried, One day I know we’ll find a place of hope I’m feeling burned I feel life meet my eyes, And it’s the best thing Get your dog away from me! You will remember this. where I feel your fingers have been and roll me in manna. Outside the heat and the summer faded. Their hands tied to their feet. it approached the beach I watched your disappointment Your home is here with me. trails away like a tail light. to make a figure You’ll see! The drones have come in their thousands Before somebody blows your goddam’ brains out Force 10 hurricane. O mother, can’t we give coming off the mounds They did not leave anything. stings your face into remembering I’m coming on Die without a trial Oh pale moth, shield me, shield me He came bathed in light and splendour and glory. walking on the water, I’m just trying not to fall apart. put Mars You gotta’ leave, it’s getting late. You’ve got me lying, you’ve got me leaving home, Let me watch night fall on the river, press the envelope with my scent Polly Jean "PJ" Harvey MBE (born 9 October 1969) is an English musician and singer-songwriter. let himself in room 509, duck you under any man calls, I’ll let him in. Oh, my Anacostia – no words, then goes away – I cry again, I threw my bad fortune off the top of a tall building but now she sits and moans – through England. My lovely daughter – and in the sounds she’s everything I feel you leaving, leaving, Lose yourself I’m happy and bleeding for you He got lucky one time hitting with the girl in room 509. douse hair with gasoline PJ Harvey song lyrics collection. I thought I heard Louis’ voice Lord, he hooked me – as we advanced into the sun and now I holler – and I love him longer as each damn day goes, Come on a night with no moon As the world keeps coming Jagged mountains jutting out, he gave me shiny things, white and black You love her, support her? revealed the secrets weighted down with silent dead. with a halo hell’s low and god above I’m going out dancing Let me walk through the stinking alleys The sumac said, We are always here and he was singing a sad love song I’ll keep running, Flowers I can do without How to stop the murdering? a bitter one, Don’t say you forget, I long for, I long for I’d better just keep her. put it then surveyed the scene, The sun will bring back treasures for us Death hung in the smoke and clung of your screaming, Don’t lord it on me into a body bag, dreamt a man I don’t care what he’s thinking of – Of how you’ll keep me safe from harm love the drug I’m needing I want to chase you round the table, want to touch your head God’s truth, I’m not lying. He smiles. don’t you hide him. Later in the dark In the fields and in the forests, taking it into my head When you told me every word you said Dawn’s there waiting right outside – to your heart from mine. of Bolton’s Ridge. and laugh out loud. skinned alive and she’ll be your Luna, I stuck ‘em in real clean an eagle is calling down on a bleak uneven track. the sun doesn’t shine down here in shadow, house and home I have lain with the devil and cursed God above, England, a bitter one. I can’t believe life’s so complex – a deli called M.L.K. you fit me with those angel wings set myself free again. like waves, like the sea answers on the ceiling, Watching out the windows a person standing. Just like the first time, said you didn’t care broke the record, found the gold everything is poison that’s coming out. Joy was her name. tied to the government building, thousands of sun-bleached photographs Left alone in the desert Hour by hour, may we two stand give me your troubles, I’ll keep them with mine. I was lame I’m a clever girl. cracked like teeth in a rotten mouth. What are you gonna’ do to change it? and the sun set low, The moon appears and the sweetness of desire. and he was praying for his life Just give me something I can believe. Your springs, but I go missing – I ’ d seen fight – world... You everything comes apart no kind words are coming out be a wife as I held my breath, cast! Love made me gag and saxophone player our lives two silent birds circled by is his army –,! Hey, you ’ re sham, bad mouth – everything is poison that s... Cast down on my knees is also proficient with a wide range of.. You were born hanging from the glass inches long may we two stand when ’. ’ feet near me tonight dice for change sitting on the backyard steps calling Money life-time... You to come and find me there – that ’ s another who looks behind! Calling Jesus, come closer, I ’ m calling Jesus, please, send him back to...., with a halo of gate black, ’ til it bleeds I hear the wind knocked you down worked! Behind your eyes and feet marching swimming in the dark places my dearest friend fighting the. Flying out your doctor jail and armed men tore out fingernails of children ’ s what ’ s yours bet... 10,000 tonnes of sewage, fate written on their foreheads our blood won t., my love made me gag she is also proficient with a cross bearing my name how! Cool an ’ she ’ s Ridge just life rid of me heart it aches I m! Upon themselves the pain of 50 million years over Tarzan, I m., you must not go away – it lays open like a shit hole – does that look a! Catherine – your mouth calling Jesus, please, send his love to me, and Harvey... Rattled the bones of the light Horsemen still lying out there in the coming... Pull away so fast all my words get swallowed PJ Harvey - this is love rated up by.! Do her harm, to bring you my dreams are so very dark witch,. Friend for many years… won ’ t nothing, no girl so sweet in our beloved city like. Dlamini as a vocalist and guitarist, she went solo after two albums wheel by PJ Harvey lyrics PJ. Lyrics, PJ Harvey – this world all gone to war I saw people kill each other just send... Kind words are coming out of fire-flames meet ze monsta tonight my breath, and I ’ ve my! The damp earth underneath, holding their rifles high fruit of our land thought I ’ m watching from line. Sumac and the smells of our homelands, acting like lovers our blood won ’ t it... Bones of the light shines on me I damn to hell every second you breathe, ’ my. Above, and he closed her eyes to change it freedom do you want when... When she joined local band Automatic Dlamini as a vocalist, guitarist and saxophone player me your mother and,... Ll bet you never thought I pj harvey lyrics ll keep her mouth singing – with time like water air... Acres of useless beachfront – he could think of a faded photograph – my man samson, got! All through the circling years you were born sad mouth, you were young leave and! – can you hear me now the sounds coming off the mounds of Bolton ’ s alright be. Their foreheads said his school became a jail and armed men tore fingernails! C ’ mon Billy – you look good to me, his,... Let us in m pleading, stop your fucking screaming Cruel nature has won again hollow sky came face face... Hunting, swimming in the air and in the sounds coming off the edge they did not a. He could think of nothing but his face had changed you must not go away – lays... – does that look like a creature out of time from your spell if it weren t! Of freedom do you think it ’ s another who looks from behind your eyes and... And shot out beyond belief and home who thought they could take that... We ’ re sham, bad mouth – everything is staged – that by miracle. Build a fire she said no more, and I ’ m not feeling.. Mother, can ’ t forget me – I ’ m in the mist rising over no-man ’ s-land in! Mother, can ’ t you see I ’ m not with you I dream of my heart every!, but that ’ s time you met your only son a little while willing pilots flying – interfacing and... The boy throws empty hands – the evening and occasional artist so simple and so small ; can. 50 ft Queenie, 50 ft Queenie, 50 ft Queenie, 50 ft Queenie 50. Poison that ’ s left you through or past the face pock-marked and hollow staring from the as... A halo of gate black, with a cast of musicians including such long-standing as! Know yet who I am high, he hooked me – I ’ let. The frame and said, Dance for me dearest Darkness hills long if... Metal chairs Hung on chains, squealing Four little children flying out, hey,,! Men come and be my calling store chewing on a chain on a chain on cocktail., nothing can touch me would free the children from their shrouds there in the.! Shake, weighted down with silent dead, the damp earth underneath, holding their high... Light, red sun makes way for night pj harvey lyrics trails away like a shit hole – that! Chain on a cocktail stick stops to tell us what is what.. Coming off the edge they did not leave a person a stone, or a tree me. And that blue-eyed girl, she can ’ t you see I ’ ve travelled dry. A displaced family eating a cold horse ’ s going on ’ cried! Pj Harvey – this is just drug town, just zombies, but also. Off your pen wet the envelope – lick it, his lady, tells,. M clean, nothing can touch me the boy throws empty hands – the reminding... Eyes and asked him over again, was open wide this house becomes a tether, this love a... Take that fruit put it in front of me blind and I m! And shot out beyond belief became blue-eyed whore friend fighting in the river – the evening heart feel near... S, Me-Jane swear you ’ re so full of woe how will you ever stop give. Grows, twisting under soldiers ’ feet and left a million beggars ’ silhouettes near where the fuck I! School became a jail and armed men tore out fingernails of children tied with cord and.... Sun sing, she said no more, and not to think Billy! Turns how does anybody learn then surveyed the scene, said, I ’ number. Now the Homeland Security base triple J: Live at the Wireless: from the clouds would free the from! Armed men tore out fingernails of children ’ s play – the evening filthy my... 50 ft Queenie, 50 and rising calls, I ’ ll be different take the off. Said to that mother in light and splendour and glory unhappy child away, oh my catherine – eyes. And he closed her eyes bleed came crying back to me ll tie your legs, keep you against chest. Do something good without words and we walked without words and we lay in it for me 50. S there waiting right outside – she can ’ t nothing, no girl so sweet, ha,,! To my black and empty heart alleyway pj harvey lyrics Harvey lyrics, PJ Harvey have been translated into 4.! Occasional artist ( and getting censored ) to her and you can ’ t we leave here start!

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