where can i take my unwanted turtle

I’m located in north alabama. We can collect donations from your home for free. I have a male red ear slider and I can’t take him in my small apartment. All items must be in a re-wearable condition. But I know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise.. I regularly receive requests and enquiries about where you can take your pets under these circumstances, so I’ve compiled a list of resources and centres in the UK who may be able to help. We love and enjoy them very much and don’t want to give them to someone who may not keep their tank clean. I can’t take care of my turtle anymore… Posted in advise, aquatic, pet, turtle, turtles, water by aise93. The parents give in and buy their children this new pet. Answer Save. If it was born in captivy dont put it in the wild. thanksx. We accept a range of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. A mere 15 percent of textiles are recycled, while 85 percent of textiles end up in landfills. You have welcomed him with a sweet hello, you can kiss him goodbye happily, and rest assured, he’ll be truly safe, too. In addition, we work to abolish "live market" slaughter of turtles, the illegal sale of hatchlings and turtles under four inches, the cruel importation and exploitation of a variety of species. Whether you are looking for turtle accessories or you want to buy a turtle online, My Turtle Store has you covered. Now I've stopped looking as it breaks my heart to see them but I really can't take in any more. Turtle Emergencies. The turtle requires fuel to move in the form of combustibles such as, starting with the most efficient: Lava, Coal, Charcoal or Wood. I am not recommending any site in particular. The size of the notebook corresponds to 6x9 inches. Food, lamps and filter(too small) will be provided). Whether you are looking for turtle accessories or you want to buy a turtle online, My Turtle Store has you covered. Please help us or direct us to someone who can. so im getting either a razorback turtle, or a common musk turtle. can i take my turtle out of water? I hate seeing straigh dogs and cats going back and forth looking for their owner and dying out of sadness and hunger. Unwanted Reptiles Wanted . 9 years ago. Idk where to give him up bcs none of my friends want a turtle . So I just want to make sure its ok before my turtles get hurt.. Even then we can only save a few. My dog is aggressive. Monday 21st of December 2020. Drug Take Back Day will take place this Saturday, Oct. 24, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at locations across Florida and the nation. Pond terrapins or 'sliders' ( Trachemys scripta ) include red-eared sliders, yellow-bellied sliders and Cumberland sliders. It can take months or years to find a suitable home for a large water turtle such as a red eared slider! I don't make any money what so every. I checked with some colleagues regarding the conundrum of what to do with a red-eared slider turtle when someone no longer wants it as a pet. Worse are the parents I hear in the background when I'm on the phone with their tearful children, yelling at their kid "It's just a damn turtle! thanksx. Pertinence. I haven't taken my pet to the vet because I'm afraid they'll take or just kill my baby! It can even be a birthday gift or a Christmas present to camouflage the necessity of the adoption and to ease out the hurt of parting. Update 11 : 8.30pm : Dinner was served an hour late. Many pet owners decide at some point that they cannot take care of their animal, and leave it to die in unsuitable places. Because of the overwhelming number of unwanted rabbits, we are only able to take in rabbits scheduled to be destroyed at animal shelters. My son no longer wants his turtle of 20 years, i need to donate her, i don't want to give it to someone who will eat her. 0 0. For that you need to accomplish some documents after passing the preliminary screening to make sure that you are the authentic owner or donor. It’s getting harder and harder for my husband and I to take care of them. I live in the desert... And they got too big for their basking area , and money is not so good right now so buying one isnt really an option. I am just gathering up sites that offer turtle adoption. Monday 21st of December 2020 @Zoe, rehoming *** … Save the Turtles American Tortoise Rescue also acts as a national clearinghouse for information about the care, feeding, and rehabilitation of endangered and captive-bred tortoises. Idk where to give him up bcs none of my friends want a turtle. Just look into the legal side of it and accomplish certain paper works if you need to. Report. Children are fascinated with small pets. Home / Music / Alternative / Indie/Alternative / '00s Alternative Track. Some facilities don't allow walk-in surrenders and almost all charge a fee. The organization then sells the items to generate funding for local, state, and national programs of the VVA. Not accepting red eared sliders at the moment unless they were a weird morph. Sad to say, the ... else who will spend the money on it and meanwhile they can go buy another $50 python or $10 iguana or turtle...? RESCUE CENTRES UK … The same is done also to candidates who want to adopt a pet. 3 Answers. Can't Take My Eyes Off You Pink Turtle. I have a male red ear slider and I can’t take him in my small apartment. I have a subadult male stripeneck musk turtle for rehoming...will make a great pet or breeder...I am heavy on males, and am putting him up for rehoming..will ship...located in nebraska, Hi everyone. Is he knowledgeable, or willing to learn from you, on how to take care of your pet? Can someone help me save his life because I honestly can't

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